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Digital choir resources

Welcome to the The Choir Shop Digital Choir Leader Resources.  Here you will find loads of digital resources to support your choir business including Free Downloads, videos and mp3 warmups. From social media to marketing you can purchase all the resources you need to run a successful choir business.


Hey, I'm Elizabeth

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I'm a community choir leader in West London UK. I have been running large successful choirs for over a decade and I want to help other choir leaders create, nurture and build fun and profitable choirs.

Social Media

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How to create a choir Facebook page 

How to create a private Facebook group

Download a years worth of FB Posts

12 month post calendar

12 months fun and inspirational choir memes

A happy choir

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Finding and securing your venue checklist

Creating a buzzing choir community

Dealing with members

Amazing warmups

Rehearsal plans and how to

Event planning

Concert planning - a profitable concert

Additional income options & guidance


Choir Budgeting


Payment solutions

Creating a choir membership

Editable Templates

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Editable Canva Website Template & How2 

Editable 12 Month Newsletters

Editable Choir Flyer & Poster

Choir Branding express course & templates


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Choir Branding 101

Selling your choir

Email marketing plan and templates

Advertising plan and templates

Customer growth

Customer retention

Pricing and strategy

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