About The Choir Shop

Everything you need to know about Elizabeth and The Choir Shop

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Elizabeth x

Hey! I'm Elizabeth and I founded The Choir Shop. I wanted to create a fab and fun online store where choir members could find awesome products, merchandise and presents for everyone who just adores being in a choir.

My aim is to provide high quality products and a seamless experience. First and foremost I am a choir director and my road to opening an online shop has been a strange one.  When Covid hit in 2020 I lost my Choirs, livelihood and business pretty much overnight. I had to let amazing choir leaders go and it was a dark time.

However, none of this stopped my absolute passion and love  for all things choir!


As the months past I started looking for online for T-shirts and other choir things to make me smile and fill the choir void and found there wasn't quite the right type of product. The Choir Shop was born.


I hope that The Choir Shop brings you joy and and happiness.  Thank you for supporting me and my dreams and never stop singing in a choir! Let's spread the message to the world - JOIN A CHOIR NOW!

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